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Our Services for For Medium to Large

Abizmentor Management Consultants, Executive Mentors and Business Coaches – M2L - was established to assist leaders and executives transform themselves or their business to a higher level. This includes such leaders as entrepreneur, owner, CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CIO, GM or Division Executive, responsible for medium to large businesses. As Steve Jobs once said “People with passion can change the world for the better” – let us do that with you.

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Overall Transformation in Building High Performance Organization Capability

  1. Improve the Existing.  If you believe that you and your business can do better, then we are the partner to select to provide support so you can achieve your goal.  We quickly learn your business, so we understand your challenges, then when we look in a coordinated approach to scope and address the topics you ask us to investigate and on which you require advice. Our proposals are solutions focussed, pragmatic and implementable and our workshops and resulting plans are relevant, robust and flexible living documents. Our theory to practice presentation will be hard hitting, moving from learning to implementation, maybe uncomfortable, pushing you to higher levels, but finishing up with you not only enjoying the experience, but being able to plan and, more importantly, execute the changes to result in sustainable improvement.

  2. Turn around a business that is facing Challenges. If your business has reducing margins, falling profits, making a loss or is just lacking the passion and enthusiasm that you used to have, we roll up our sleeves and work with you to make that transformational change for the better. We plan to quickly discover the immediate actions in order that you can start reaping the rewards early, while we did somewhat deeper for the sustainable redirection.

  3. Move a Business from Good to Great. If you are successful, but feel there is more to achieve, but you are not as clear as you may want to be on how to get there, we assist highlight the opportunities available, which may include company size, profitability, cash flow, balance sheet strength, reduced risk, broader stakeholder inclusion or a sustainable culture. All this leading to the delivery of enhanced value.

  4. Guide a Business through Significant Growth. If you are going through significant growth either internally or through acquisition, we work with you to create the shared environment for a larger unified team and ensure they act in consensus concert to reach a significantly higher level of enjoyable performance.

Business Consulting, Counselling and Support:

  1. Review the Company Culture. We partner with your CEO and a team of your key employees to assess, explore and review your culture in line with global trends or your specific requirements, incorporating vision, mission and values (which will likely include such items as agility, diversity, ethics, innovation, integrity, personal responsibility, risk, sustainability and trust) and this may lead to a realignment within the organization to ensure its long term required resilience.

  2. Brainstorm the Strategy or Specific Challenges. Partnering with your senior team, we review the 1 to 5 year plan, leading and inspiring groups from small teams to large audiences and encourage them to view challenges in a totally interactive way that may disrupt, but that will lead to sustainable transformation. In addition we can be used as a sounding board for new concepts or proposed cultural, strategic or organizational changes or we can provide custom solutions for specific challenges that you face in responding to a rapidly changing market environment.

  3. Benchmark against Global Standards. We work with you from top to bottom on a variety of disciplines and management areas including:

    1. Profitability targets

    2. Strategy and Focus

    3. Marketing, Sales and Business Development - branding, product and service range, sales channels, local and international sales coverage and compare with who is in your market space

    4. Research and Development

    5. Operations - manufacturing, logistics, efficiency, productivity, lean, safety, quality, ISO, environment, sustainability

    6. Projects – Planning how to proceed at “must win” projects

    7. Finance and Administration - internal control, dashboards, ROI

    8. Legal - approach, mediation, arbitration,

    9. HR - building high performance, union/non union, pay incentives, growing skills and competencies, empowering self directed work teams, minimizing churn.

    10. Overall - we review effectiveness where we may challenge “the way things are done around here” to become change ready. All of this leading to the realisation of your team’s true potential.

  4. Provide Advice on Mergers and Acquisitions. We undertake a rigorous independent pragmatic review and reality check of a proposal, an audit of the business to be acquired and work with you on how to create a unified motivated team within a group culture afterwards.

  5. Prepare a Project Team for new Technology (I.T. or industrial). We advise and interact with your staff on how to form effective business implementation teams that achieve the quality needs, time goals and budget restraints in a digital or technical transformation (including new engineering or building projects), where the team embraces innovation and/or new environment.

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For the Executive

Executive Mentoring, Coaching and Leadership Development:

  1. Mentor CEOs, GMs or Senior Executives. We provide leadership support for an executive with new responsibilities or for a well experienced/seasoned executive who is looking at an executive renewal challenge. Australian research shows that the majority of business leaders and senior leaders use coaches, as do leading sports people or teams.

  2. Challenge Management’s Ideas. We work with your senior team to assess, identify, determine and uncover current methodologies, process or projects and to prepare and empower the team for a new drive to create value with reality checks in a corporate renewal, so that there is a tangible measurable outcome.

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